Do you want to take your business to the next level?

Are you interested in partnering with someone that is truly interested and capable of helping you get what you want from your lending business??

“Discover How To Master The Three Keys To Success So You Can Finally Make The Money YOU Want To Make And Still Have Time TO Spend On The Other Things That Are Important In Your Life"

If You’re Interested In Partnering and Becoming A Success Then Summit Group Coaching IS The Missing Piece You’ve Been Searching For…

Dear Future Partner,
Most people are unsure of how to really succeed.
And they have good reason to be, because there are a few definite skills needed to succeed.
At Summit Group Insurance we have powerful coaching system that provides the keys to precious, powerful knowledge and shares it with like minded people in an exciting coaching environment.

This coaching program is call Summit Group Coaching!

Why Choose To Partner with Summit Group Insurance?

Brian Hert, founder of Summit Group Insurance is a Certified Master Coach. He and his team has put together a coaching system that has been tested from coast-to-coast and in Canada (YES, I can finally say we're international!)

Brian holds certifications in Life, Business, Guerrilla Marketing, Neuro-Linguistic Programming and from Anthony Robbins Strategic Intervention! But what's most important is we have structured the coaching process in a fashion that makes achieving success easier than ever before. Even if you've achieved moderate success in the past you're almost certainly missing out on the critical training you need to achieve the true success you're able to achieve. Our entire system is designed to cause the critical change necessary to achieve true success!

                                    Why is an insurance agent coaching???

That's a great question!!

Here is Brian's answer, "My passion is helping people get what they want. When I opened Summit Group Insurance I decided I would grow this agency by adding value to our partner's businesses and lives in a way they never before experienced when partnering with an insurance agency, and that's exactly what we're doing with our partners. I want to provide this help to anyone that wants it, and the only thing I ask in return are for their referrals. What comes around, goes around!"

                                  In Fact Here’s Just A Sample List Of Areas 

                                                     You’ll Uncover In

                                              Summit Group Coaching …

        - The Critical Keys to mastering your time

        - The quick path to building your business and your life

        - Convert more prospects in to paying transactions

        - Discover how “systems” can change your life in a way that stress is something from your past

        - Master the Success Mindset and launch yourself down the road to achieve what you want and not get derailed

         (90% of success is psychology)

In short, Summit Group Coaching is the place to learn, practice, polish, refine and master the powerful skill sets of success!

After all, success is something we all love, it's what we're meant to do...


We're going to...

        *Challenge you to master the skills that are the real power behind success in your business

        *Stimulate you every week to keep your passion for your business alive & kicking

        *Excite you so much that using your new skills become irresistible!

        *Inspire you to expand your perspective and reach higher than you ever have

        *Motivate you to grow in business and as a person

        *Partner you with real estate agents!

You see, this coaching club will enable you to take the skills needed for success and actually use them every day!

                                        Here’s How The Program Works…

Summit Group Coaching will give you a systematic solution to achievement that is so practical and so rewarding, that we think you'll agree it is an exceptional solution for getting what you want.
This solution anyone can use. This program works because it brings together, for the first time in any systems we've found, three key principles that are essential to positive change, the three keys that you can use to take your business anywhere you would like to take it.
The three basic keys to success; Programming/Mindset, Active Goal Setting and Coaching
Key #1 - Programming

Why are some people successful, while others are not? What is the real difference between them? All success is a result of an individual's mental programming, in other words, the way they have been conditioned to think. These programs are the messages we received and were unconsciously programmed with and they control every aspect of our lives.

Change your programming, change your life!

Discover what puts you into motion, and what stops you, and, how to write new, powerful, productive programs that will make you unstoppable.

Key #2 - Active Goal-Setting
Successful goal-setting follows specific steps. If you want your goals to work, they have to be set and tracked in the right way. It would be accurate to say the none of us can hope to do our best without setting goals and getting them right.
Many goal-setting systems fail, or they work for a time, and then stop working. Much that is written about goal-setting is completely inaccurate. Most of the goal-setting rules are wrong. When you either don't know the real rules of goal-setting, or when you follow the wrong rules, most fail to reach their goals, and in time, give up.
Key #3 - Coaching
If you had the right help, imagine what you could do!
We've seen people build their businesses to successes they had only dreamed of. We've watch people become financially safe and strong for the first time ever - even wealthy. All because of coaching, along with the right programming and learning to set goals differently.
But we've also watched as people worked at getting better, that for many of them there was an inertia, and invisible wall that held them back. There are those that work at making the necessary changes and had some success - but yet, there was still something missing. Something that their own internal resources, by themselves, weren't giving them.
Coaching almost guarantees more success and fills the void when trying to succeed on your own, especially when used with the other two very important keys.
This coaching process is designed to teach you all the skills you need to succeed. If you follow our process you will understand what it takes and have the ability to implement and stay consistent. This entire process takes only about five months to complete, not a life time. Your success is our success!

                                               So How Do I Get Started?

Now it's time to take an exciting step - up! To get going, all you have to do is make the choice to take the step. If you do that, and bring together the unfailing support of the three keys to success, there's no telling what you can do. But it all begins with your choice to take the step.

It's so easy! Just click on the the button below and send Brian an email telling him your interested in more information. Make sure to put your phone number in the email so Brian can give you a call.
Remember Opportunities Like This Are Few And Far Between…
The real reason there are so few truly successful loan officer is because so few take advantage of the help that is available to them so don't pass up this opportunity. Tell me, what do your really have to lose?

This is your Invitation

This is just like any invitation, you get to choose whether you're going to go, or not. Because there is absolutely no risk to you, make the smart choice and accept this invitation to success!

Yes! I Want To Be A Success By Partnering with Summit Group Insurance.

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