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"I met Brian about two years ago. When we first started working together and agreed to coach me in my mortgage business I had questions. After asking some questions and getting to know more about Brian I knew he would be a great asset to me and my business.


Brian has helped me re-think how I look at my business and re-train my brain to see the possibilities and not the road blocks when things come up that are out of my control.


With Brian's coaching I have been able to meet and surpass my income goals for my business and make sure my life goals are in check. This has been the best 2 years I have had in my mortgage business financially and personally with the help of my friend and coach Brian Hert.


Brian is also my insurance agent for my home and cars. He continues to save me money and make me money with his coaching skills.


I would highly recommend Brian as your business coach if you want to move forward in your business and in your life. Free yourself and start thinking outside the box."


Chris Courtland - Prospect Mortgage


“I cannot recommend Brian’s coaching enough!  I would not be the top producing loan originator I am today without his guidance.  Brian helped me eliminate my biggest hurdle, me, and inspired thoughts that have elevated me in my profession and as a person.  I am eternally grateful for the opportunity to work with Brian Hert.”


Chad Rogers - American Dream Mortgage


"Ever since I started working with Brian Hert as my personal and business coach, I have been able to increase my business production while at the same time grow to more heights as an individual. The constant support that I recieve from Brian has excelled me to have stronger relationships while creating a very rewarding life"


Thank you for all you do for me Brian, I wouldn't be the same without you!"


Randy Reed - Marketplace Home Mortgage


"The past two years of being involved with our coaching program has taught me many things about myself, the importance of controlling my perspective and focused efforts. You have helped me understand the goals that are important to me and managed to keep me on track and doing all that I can to accomplish each goal. If I had it to do all over again, I would not change anything. I have recommeded your coaching services to my team members and will continue to do so. Thank you for all that you do!"


Clint Thompson - Castle and Cooke


 "I have had the good fortune of working with Brian Hert as a coach for just over a year. The personal coaching program that Brian delivers has improved my quality of life tremendously and has contributed to my ability to reach goals I never thought possible, both professionally and personally. Brian's coaching has helped me to determine what is really important, stay focused on those goals, and meet objectives to support the goals I have set.

It is so easy to get caught up in the transactional nature of my business, and not take the time to focus on more long term goals. With Brian's help I have been able to step out of the cycles that controlled my actions professionally and execute at a much higher level, freeing up time for focusing on more personal goals. With Brian's help I have a much greater sense of making things happen, rather than reacting to what has happened; all with my end goals in mind.
I recommend that anyone looking for a positive life change, who wants to identify and put their goals first and eliminate constantly striving to meet others goals; take the time to meet with and explore what Brian can offer. My life as a whole is exponentially better because I did."
Michael Shearer, Branch Manager - 1st Option Lending


 "I recall your first visit with the sales team at The Mortgage Network. At the time, I thought to myself, "engaging presentation and valid content" but... being a classic, ego driven, experienced sales person, I also thought, "I'm way too busy to commit another hour per week and I don't need coaching"
Well... I was wrong.
From our first session to the last, you have offered insightful and valuable nuggets that are helping me to maintain my focus and I have observed within our group participants, a similar experience. Their consistent return to the weekly meetings is a testament to the value that they are deriving.
Clarifying specifically what I want in my personal and business life and more importantly, why, I want to achieve certain tasks or goals has been incredibly illuminating and doing so has helped me bring a little much needed balance to my life.
It has been fun and exciting to revisit so many of the ideas and concepts that have helped me in the past and with your coaching I am finding that their impact is dramatically magnified, so...
Thank you Brian, for your persistence, your passion and your commitment. It has been a privilege and a pleasure to work with you."
Jaxzann Riggs, Owner - The Mortgage Network


"Brian has helped shape my career and goal setting as a coach.


He is passionate and a true professional. It's exciting to hit new plateaus and he presents layers of specific thougfht processes helping me to grow and succeed in challenging work and life settings."


Dan O'Neill - Land Home Financial


"My business has nearly doubled since I have brought Brian on as my coach. He has allowed me to see and implement my business from a perspective I had never thought possible. I highly recommend him for coaching. Please call me at 714-206-6945 if you have any questions."

Sean Gross, CMG Financial


"Brian has been Instrumental in helping me transform not only my business, but also has shown me that I really can have balance in my life and be very successful. Brian is by far, the best Business Coach I have ever worked with. My business has doubled since I began working with Brian, and is on track to double again in the next twelve month. I am working more effectively and efficiently, and can't wait to see what this year is going to bring." 
Holly Heaton, The Mortgage Network


“It’s hard to admit that I would need coaching after having put through $33 million worth of deals in real estate over the past 11 years. But am I ever glad I did! My truly fantastic Coach, Brian Hert, has rocketed my business and my life to the next level. My goals are higher, my energy is double what it used to be, and I have taken on accountability for everything in my life. With Brian, I look at ideas with fresh eyes and with the knowledge that ‘Yes, I can!’ Thanks, Brian, for being so patient, demanding, forthright and honest. You keep me prospering!”
Cheri L. - ABR, CRS, GRI, e-Pro, Broker/Owner – Metro Brokers


"I highly recommend working with Brian Hert. Brian is a very effective motivator. His programs are comprehensible, enjoyable, and highly informative. The tools and strategies taught are easy to implement, and I will use them for years to come. Brian introduces several tools and strategies that will keep you focused on your goals. His strategies for developing your business will be helpful for any Realtor and Loan Officer."
Mary C. - Broker Associate, Real Estate of the Rockies


“Since working with Brian, I’ve watched my business take off and I have created a healthy balance in my professional and personal lives. Brian is a top-level coach. I recommend him enthusiastically!”
Steve S. – Sr. Mortgage Consultant, America's Mortgage


“Your program was just what I needed to jumpstart my business. It helped me to focus my energies back to the basics. The dynamic of being supported by my personal coach created unbelievable results."
Cheryl B, Sr. Loan Officer, Wells Fargo

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